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Convertisseur USB 2.0 à VGA HDTV jusqu'à 1920x1080 32 bits

Item: 05-0090


Adaptateur USB 2.0 à VGA (WS-UG17V2)

Enables one computer to have up to 6 display device, including monitor, projector or VGA compatible HDTV, fit for different resolutions, orientations and device types, expanding your view, give every application its own space for easy operation, ideal for designers, programmer, multimedia editor and more.

* Easily connect additional monitors using a USB 2.0 cable
* Simple to install and use
* Quickly add up to six display to a desktop or notebook PC with minimal configuration and without and additional graphics card
* Mirror or Extend a computer display workspace
* Allows for effortless multitasking
* Bus powered-on external power supply needed
* Supports usage through powered KVMP's or USB hubs

System Requirements:
* CPU with 1.2GHz or higher processor (lntel Pentium/Celeron family, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor)
* 256MB RAM
* One available USB 2.0 port
* 30Mb of available disk space
* Super VGA(800x600) or higher resolution monitor
* Win2K/XP/Vista 32/64-bit, Windows 7, MACOS X,Linux OS

This adapter can be added up to 6 times to a PC.

USB Cable included
VGA Cable not included.

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